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Free lechon takes center stage during Mlang festival

MLANG, North Cotabato -(NDBC) People are missing it.  People are talking about it. They want more.

Roasted pigs offered for free in this town during the 6th Kawayanan Festival.


Mlang Mayor Joselito Pinol said the local government had roasted 15 pigs at 80 kilograms each and were offered to all visitors and locals celebrating the festival at the town plaza.

At least 52 "lechon" were offered with 37 villages providing each to feed its people.


“We had it as thanksgiving and inform our visitors that the town of Mlang have received several blessings, despite the man-made calamities that hit the town in the past months,” Mayor Pinol said.


The LGU has shelled out more than P100,000 for foods including the purchase of live pigs which offered for the "Salu-Salu sa Plaza."

Maguindanaoan constituents also had its own "Salu-Salu" sa plaza with roasted chicken and turkey provided by the local government.

 “We have shown to the whole province that we Mlangenos, are cooperating and helping each other to improve our town," the town mayor said.

Despite the setbacks the town experienced the past months, Mayor Pinol believed the residents have all the reasons to celebrate and thank for all the blessings.

Mayor Pinol also dedicated this years’ Kawayanan Festival to all victims of November 23 bombing near the town plaza that left three dead and scores others wounded.


“Although there were suggestions forego the celebration, I objected because by doing so was an indication of cowardice and encourage bad elements to sow more terror in our town,” Pinol explained.


The revelry was over and Pinol thanked the Almighty for the peaceful yet colorful and successful celebration.

Still people talked about the free and tasty "lechon" offered to everyone. 


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