Mlang LGU launches BEACHES program 2020


By: Willamor Magbanua


The town of Mlang, Cotabato has launch a program which will directly benefit the whole 37 villages that aim to beautify and adopt various programs initiated under the incumbency of Mayor Russel Abonado and Vice Mayor Joselito PInol.


The BEACHES program was initiated by Vice Mayor Pinol last year encouraging all puroks in Barangay Poblacion to participate in the search for the Cleanest and Greenest Purok, 2019.


Seeing its success and importance Mayor Abonado adopted the idea of Vice Mayor Pinol and asks that this program will be implemented in the whole town involving all villages.

The acronym BEACHES stands fo Beautification, Environment, Agriculture, Cleanliness, Health, Education and Sanitation.


Mayor Abonado and Vice Mayor Pinol is united in aiming to beautify the town of Mlang through this program with the coordination of the village officials as well as other stakeholders.


On Tuesday, a meeting was conducted attended by the Barangay Chairmen, Purok Officials and Department of Education.


During the meeting, Mayor Abonado disclosed that this year a barangay which will be adjudged as the greenest and cleanest will receive P1 Million worth of projects and P100, 000 cash prize.


The village officials are advised to follow the BEACHES acronym being implemented in their respective area in order to win the contest.


Awarding of winners will be known on August 3, during the town;s foundation anniversary.


“I am thankful to Vie Mayor Pinol that he initiated such program which worth emulating in the villages,” Mayor Abonado said.


In his part Vice Mayor Pinol also thanked the mayor for adopting the program and expanding it in the barangays level.


Vice Mayor Pinol believes that through this program, villagers will actively do their share in order to win the grand prize of P1 Million projects and P100, 000 cash incentives. (Mlang News and Information Bureau)

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