Legal Mandate

The municipality of M’lang was formerly part of the Municipalities of Buluan (now Maguindanao Province) and Kidapawan, now Kidapawan City.  It was created by virtue of EO 462 on August 3, 1951 by the then President Elpidio Quirino.  Its name was derived from Maguindanaoan word “Tamlang” which means bamboo.


M’lang is strategically located at the southwestern portion of the province of Cotabato.  It is bounded in the east by the municipality of Makilala and the City of Kidapawan, in the south by the municipality of Tulunan, in the north by the municipality of Matalam, and in the west by the Province of Maguindanao.  It has an area of forty-one thousand one hundred ninety-one (41,191) hectares equivalent to 411.91 square kilometers more or less, which is about 6.35% of the total provincial land area.

Mlang is composed of 37 barangays.

The Municipality of M’lang is a first class municipality in terms of income. It has a total plantilla items of 194 and as of December 31, 2018,  forty (40) of which were unfilled. Personnel were distributed to the fifteen (15) offices which are under the direct supervision of the Office of the Municipal Mayor and the

Office of the Vice Mayor, as follows:

  1. Office of the Municipal Mayor
  2. Office of the Municipal Vice Mayor
  3. Office of the Sangguniang Bayan
  4. Office of the Secretary to the Sangguniang Bayan
  5. Office of the Municipal Administrator
  6. Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator
  7. Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar
  8. Office of the Municipal Budget Officer
  9. Office of the Municipal Accountant
  10. Office of the Municipal Treasurer
  11. Office of the Municipal Assessor
  12. Office of the Municipal Health Officer
  13. Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer
  14. Office of the Municipal Agriculture
  15. Office of the Municipal Engineer

The local government functions deal with community basic social services extension, public works, and engineering, administrative and legal services.  The local policy and law making bodies are the Sangguniang Bayan for the municipal level and Sangguniang Barangay for the thirty-seven (37) barangays.  Both bodies enact ordinances and pass resolutions for their respective constituents.  The President of the Liga ng Mga Barangay  and the SK Federation President sit as an ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Bayan.


To administer the Municipality of M’lang within the context of the Local Government Code and implement the identified areas of governance.


We are God-centered empowered community living in progressive and ecologically-balanced environment.


To uplift the spiritual-moral values and provide optimum services through good governance in attaining economic sufficiency and environment-friendly development.


Love of God    and country;

Transparency and accountability in governance;



Honesty and integrity in public service;


  1. Better health services;

2 .Implementation of Infrastructure; and

3 .Agricultural Productivity