Mlang is from the root word Tamlang which means “full of Bamboos” and it is originated from the Maguindanaoan language. The bario of Mlang was considered as part of the Buluan before.


Maguindanaoan tribe was the first inhabitants in the bario of Tamlang/Mlang lead by Datu Inong. They started living their lives with the usage of “Kawayan” or bamboo trees in building their houses and getting the foods that they will be going to eat. Datu Inong was the first leader of the Maguindanaoan tribe together with his best friend (the dog) the one who saved his life.


After world war two, there were several numbers of migrants who came from the Panay Islands and was considered as the second inhabitants in the bario of Mlang. The two different tribes have been merged in terms of their different cultures and traditions, they both adopted those practices of each one which leads them into unity. Even their relationship status has been developed. Mlangeños is very known as a hardworking individual, especially in farming.


They sacrificed a lot in making themselves expose from the heat of the sun in order for them to survive and to sustain the needs of their family. It was August 15, 1951, when President Quirino declared that the bario of mlang will be having a separation from Buluan and they will be having their foundation anniversary on every 3rd day of August. Recently, Mlang celebrated it’s 68th since it was started. We’re so proud to be Mlangeño!